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The only automatic video-casting system that captures and connects every sports moment; instantly providing breakdown for entertainment and player development.

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“In all my years involved in hockey, I have never come across a system this revolutionary.” – Mike Eruzione

What is InThePlay?

InThePlay Sports Media Player

InThePlay is the first and only Automatic Video-casting System.  Minutes after the game is over, the intelligent system delivers indexed game video analysis with twelve high-definition camera angles. The game video comes synchronized with the official scoreboard clock and the official score sheet allowing coaches, players and parents to jump into the video by event, including every face off, shot, goal, penalty, power play, coach-selected game highlight, and more.  InThePlay is the most powerful video analysis tool on the market!

Eight fixed overhead and three moving side-view cameras are permanently installed and connected to a single computer system with a scorekeeper’s interface. As the game progresses, the system uses proprietary machine vision algorithms to automatically detect and follow the game action, automatically adjusting the side-view cameras. Based upon the detected game movements and scorekeeping information, the system also automatically edits, indexes and blends the HD video for internet distribution to any and all mobile and computing devices.

Each InThePlay system is fully automated, forming a network of systems capable of capturing and editing sporting events for cloud-based storage and distribution to families, friends, teams, leagues, scouts, cable networks, etc. The proprietary software is further capable of automatically inserting both commercials as well as graphic overlays including a video scoreboard and advertisements – all on the decode, rather than encode side, providing the first-ever means for per-home controlled ad insertion.

Multiple HD Camera Angles

InThePlay’s manless HD (1080p) cameras automatically capture ALL games at your facility simultaneously from incredible angles, without nets, glass or fans getting in the way.  Teams can playback any moment from any angle, switching views anytime to see what’s happening around or away from the puck.

InThePlay 12 HS Camera Angles

Instant Access to Game Breakdown

InThePlay’s Sports Media Player gives teams instant access to any point in their game without post-game editing or tagging - saving money.  Categorized marks for all key game events are created automatically during recording. For coaches, any play from multiple angles are presented in a unique team room, allowing for telestrations, zoom and simultaneous side-by-side breakdown.

TouchScore Console

InThePlay’s TouchScore Console makes keeping score simple enough for anyone to operate with no training.  The touch screen aspect walks the user through any situation in the game and, with defaults already built in, you do not have to know the rules to operate.  The TouchScore Console works in place of your current console, while still controlling your existing scoreboard; automatically producing a categorized game and score sheet.

InThePlay TouchScore Console

Generate Additional Revenue

InThePlay allows players, parents and coaches access to categorized footage immediately after a game.  Simply swipe a credit card, or pay online, and have instant access to view at home or in the team room.  Purchase includes the Sports Media Player and indexed footage from the game.

Choose from specific highlights as well as the option of a condensed or full categorized game.